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My name is Melissa Pilatzke, I am the founder of Lavender Littles Sleep Consulting, a wife, and a mother. I support parents as they overcome sleep struggles with their little ones through personalized sleep plans and one-on-one support. Sleep is a vital life function and an important aspect of overall health. This means sleep should absolutely be a priority in raising healthy, happy, thriving children. Since overcoming sleep struggles with my own daughter, I have become passionate about helping families get the sleep they need and deserve. I am so happy you are here! Let’s capture the joy in your parenthood through restorative sleep.

Meet Melissa

Hello! My name is Melissa, I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, the founder of Lavender Littles Sleep Consulting, a wife, and a mother. My husband and I moved to La Ronge, Saskatchewan in 2018.

We welcomed our daughter, Carolina, in May 2019. We love to travel and are always planning the next getaway. I love making scrapbooks of our family adventures and documenting Carolina as she grows.

Since becoming a parent, I am now also passionate about getting good old fashion sleep! I used to take it for granted but quickly learned how precious it really is when Carolina was an infant. You are probably here because you love sleep too and are wondering how to get more of it for your family! I have also been a parent struggling to get quality sleep for our entire family. We went on for months with very little, inconsistent sleep that was causing issues for our sanity, our marriage, and the well-being of all three of us.

We finally committed to sleep training Carolina at 9 months old and our lives have forever changed. Our fussy baby was no longer sleep deprived, Ryan and I were no longer sleep deprived and our entire family was so much happier. We were finally enjoying being parents! I decided to become a sleep consultant so that I could help other parents capture the joy in their parenthood and support them in getting their families the sleep they need and deserve.


Tired of waking multiple times a night to soothe your baby to sleep?

Tired of spending hours rocking your baby to sleep?

Tired of short naps?

Tired of constant bedtime battles with your toddler?

Tired of early morning wake ups?

Tired of having your child coming into your bed in the middle of the night?


Dreaming of having a baby who sleeps through the night?

Dreaming of having a child that falls asleep independently in their own bed?

Dreaming of a child who happily goes to bed in the evening?

Dreaming of a child who sleeps past 5am?

Dreaming of a child who spends the entire night alone in their own bed?

Dreaming of naps that are longer than 45 minutes?

I can make your dreams come true!


Let me guide you through the first 3 months of newborn sleep. Learn how to lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits ahead of the infamous 4-month sleep regression.


You know you want to make changes to your baby’s sleep habits but you aren’t sure how to do it. I will take the guesswork out of it so you can feel confident about the changes you are making. Together we will get the entire family sleeping better!


Whether you are looking for support during the transition from crib to big kid bed, or need support in ending the bedtime battles or night wakings, I am here for you. We can teach your toddler to be a super sleeper!


It’s never too late to establish healthy, independent sleep skills. Together we can help your school-aged child why sleep is so important and how to sleep well on their own. Every child deserves to have a healthy relationship with sleep!


Transitioning Out Of The Swaddle

Transitioning Out of the Swaddle

The Swaddle! Some babies hate them, other babies LOVE them. When you have a baby…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with a sleep consultant?

The amount of information on the internet and in books regarding sleep, as well as the advice from friends and family is very overwhelming. It can be difficult to process it all on a good day, let alone as a sleep-deprived parent. I have gone through the information for you, I thoroughly understand infant and toddler sleep, and know that each family requires a unique sleep plan. As a sleep consultant, I take the guess work out of it and support you in implementing a sleep plan that is unique to you and your child. Working with me will allow you to feel confident, supported, and reassured every step of the way!

Where do you provide consultations?

My consultations are offered virtually, by phone or video call, which means I can provide work with families across the country and beyond!

What is sleep training?

Sleep training is the process of teaching your child healthy sleep habits like how to fall asleep independently, sleep through the night, and have quality naps.

What is the best age to start sleep training?

It is never too early to start teaching healthy sleep habits! The good news is it is also never too late to start teaching healthy sleep habits. The way in which we will teach these healthy sleep habits will differ depending on your little one’s age.

How much crying will there be?

It is important to understand that crying is a young child’s way of communicating. You can expect some tears while your child is protesting the changes you are making to their sleep habits. Through gentle, respectful, and consistent responses to your child, these tears will quickly fade.

When can I expect to see results?

This depends on many factors such as the age of the child, how deeply ingrained the current sleep habits are, and your child’s temperament. With a clear sleep plan and consistent implementation, you can expect to see progress within the first week. Typically, falling asleep independently and consolidated night sleep occur first. Establishing naps that are long enough for your child’s age can take about two weeks or longer. This is why I ask families to ensure they can be home for two solid weeks while we are establishing the foundation of their child’s sleep.

Will we always have to follow a rigid schedule once we complete sleep training?

NO! A well rested child is much more flexible. Once your child is sleeping well on a consistent basis, they will be able to bounce back quickly from a late bedtime due to a family gathering, or a catnap in the car while you are out running errands. To avoid a large sleep debt, these schedule interruptions should not be occurring too frequently.

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