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Guide to Sleeping Through the Night

This guide is for you if you are ready for your little to start sleeping through the night! You’ll learn the five step process for how to set the foundation for sleeping through the night for years to come.

4-Month Sleep Regression Guide

4-month Sleep Regression Guide

If you have a newborn or suspect your baby is currently going through the four-month sleep regression, then this guide is for you! You will be given direction on how to set a solid sleep foundation for your baby so that you can all get through the infamous four-month sleep regression as smoothly as possible.

Bedtime Routine Chart

Use this bedtime routine chart to help your child stay on task during the bedtime routine. You can customize the chart to suit your family!

What Clients Are Saying...

Before working with Melissa we had a little dude who took short naps and was continuously waking in the night for a soother replacement. We were in the throes of the 4 month sleep regression grasping at straws and trying every google recommendation to get our little guy to sleep. Everyone was just surviving on little to no sleep. With Melissa’s help we’ve all felt more rested, who knew well established routines, and appropriate wake windows would really help get our entire family well rested. Everyone is much happier and it’s all thanks to Melissa’s specialized plan and all the support she gave us through our three week program!

~ Mom to 4 month old Baby K

Melissa was amazing to work with! She was so supportive. We struggled a lot throughout the process and she never waivered that we would be successful in breaking our stubborn, wild animal of a daughter. I would highly recommend working with her ❤️

~ Marlee, mom to 17 month old Little S

My husband and I were at a loss of how to help our son Colton sleep. We assumed the strategies that helped our first born become a successful sleeper would also work with our second but how Colton proved us wrong! After 10 months of him not napping or sleeping through the night, I decided to look up sleep consultants and that’s when we found Melissa. She listened carefully as we explained our sleep situation as well as the specific needs regarding Colton. From there, Melissa developed a sleep plan to specifically meet the needs of Colton and little by little he started napping in the day. With Melissa’s expertise, we were able to get Colton to nap twice a day and sleeping through the night!! Bedtime was no longer dreaded but enjoyable as we knew how to best address Colton’s needs. Melissa was always professional, caring and patient. She went above and beyond and provided exceptional support during our time together. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to establish healthy sleep habits for their child. Melissa not only helped our son establish consistent sleep habits but also helped our entire family get rest as well.

~ Kim, mom to 11 month old Baby C

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