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Hiring A Sleep Consultant

Should I Hire a Sleep Consultant

Scottie’s Story

Marlee contacted me when her daughter, Scottie, was around 15 months old. As a shift worker in a high-risk career, Marlee understands the importance of getting quality sleep. But little Scottie’s sleep habits were making quality sleep impossible for the entire family (including the dog). Scottie was waking multiple times in the night and experiencing what Marlee described as “night terrors”.

Marlee and her husband, Greyden, were committed to helping Scottie learn how to sleep through the night which is ultimately what led to their success. There are two key ingredients when it comes to sleep training: commitment and consistency! Without both of those elements sleep training can be harder and longer than necessary and you may never reach your goals.

Sleep training is not a linear process and it is common to see things get worse before they get better. With Scottie we were not seeing the improvements we wanted after a couple weeks of working together which meant we needed to re-group in order to meet their sleep goals. After a little tough love, a discussion about the importance of consistency, and a re-evaluated sleep plan, Scottie’s sleep improved in just a couple nights.

Sleep training isn’t easy, sleep is complex, and finding the right strategies for your family can be difficult. Scottie’s sleep story is a great example of the benefits of working with a sleep consultant and how success is achievable when both parents are committed to the process.

When you hire me as your sleep consultant, I become just as invested in your family’s sleep as you are and will stand by you through the wins and the struggles. Everyone’s journey is so different and it’s not always smooth sailing but together we can accomplish your goals.

Marlee and Greyden were ultimately successful because they were 100% committed to their success, trusted me, and put in the hard work. It was an honour to be a part of Scottie’s sleep journey!

Marlee and Greyden purchased the premium sleep package.

Here is what Marlee had to say about her experience working with me:

Q: What were the sleep challenges you were facing before working with a sleep consultant?

A: Repeated night wakings, holding us hostage in her room, having to sleep on the couch or in her room to get her to sleep.

Q: Why did you decide to hire Melissa to help you through sleep training instead of doing it on your own?

A: We had tried all the Google recommendations and nothing was working.

Q: What would you tell another family who is currently on the fence about hiring a sleep consultant?

A: 150% the best money we ever spent.

Q: What did sleep look like after working with Melissa through sleep training?

A: We began getting full nights of sleep on a regular basis. There’s been some hiccups but overall we are doing so much better than before. We all get to sleep in our own beds without interruptions 75% of the time.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add that you feel other families would find helpful about sleep training or working with a sleep consultant?

A: Melissa was honestly a god send. I was at my wits end and we were all miserably tired. She was so supportive and met us where we were comfortable with regards to crying. We really struggled initially and Melissa totally revamped our whole program to find something that worked after 3 weeks of no progress. She went above and beyond to help us and I’m not sure where we would be right now has we not worked with her.

If you have tried all the recommendations from Google but nothing is working, you might want to consider working with me like Marlee and Greyden did. Google doesn’t take into account your child’s temperament, your family dynamic, or offer a cohesive plan that makes sense!

Let’s chat about what it would look like to work together to meet your family’s sleep goals.

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