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Let me guide you through the first 12 weeks of newborn sleep. Learn how to lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits ahead of the infamous 4-month sleep regression.


You know you want to make changes to your baby’s sleep habits but you aren’t sure how to do it. I will take the guesswork out of it so you can feel confident about the changes you are making. Together we will get the entire family sleeping better!


Whether you are looking for support during the transition from crib to big kid bed, or need support in ending the bedtime battles or night wakings, I am here for you. We can teach your toddler to be a super sleeper!


It’s never too late to establish healthy, independent sleep skills. Together we can help your child learn that sleep is a good thing and how to sleep well on their own. Every child deserves to have a healthy relationship with sleep!

What Clients Are Saying...

Before working with Melissa we had a little dude who took short naps and was continuously waking in the night for a soother replacement. We were in the throes of the 4 month sleep regression grasping at straws and trying every google recommendation to get our little guy to sleep. Everyone was just surviving on little to no sleep. With Melissa’s help we’ve all felt more rested, who knew well established routines, and appropriate wake windows would really help get our entire family well rested. Everyone is much happier and it’s all thanks to Melissa’s specialized plan and all the support she gave us through our three week program!

~ Mom to 4 month old Baby K

Melissa was amazing to work with! She was so supportive. We struggled a lot throughout the process and she never waivered that we would be successful in breaking our stubborn, wild animal of a daughter. I would highly recommend working with her ❤️

~ Marlee, mom to 17 month old Little S

My husband and I were at a loss of how to help our son Colton sleep. We assumed the strategies that helped our first born become a successful sleeper would also work with our second but how Colton proved us wrong! After 10 months of him not napping or sleeping through the night, I decided to look up sleep consultants and that’s when we found Melissa. She listened carefully as we explained our sleep situation as well as the specific needs regarding Colton. From there, Melissa developed a sleep plan to specifically meet the needs of Colton and little by little he started napping in the day. With Melissa’s expertise, we were able to get Colton to nap twice a day and sleeping through the night!! Bedtime was no longer dreaded but enjoyable as we knew how to best address Colton’s needs. Melissa was always professional, caring and patient. She went above and beyond and provided exceptional support during our time together. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to establish healthy sleep habits for their child. Melissa not only helped our son establish consistent sleep habits but also helped our entire family get rest as well.

~ Kim, mom to 11 month old Baby C

“Melissa went above and beyond to help transform our overtired, fussy baby into a happy little boy who now sleeps through the night and at nap time with no problems. She was there to answer all my questions and reassured me every step of the way. I could not have done this without her help and would recommend her services to anyone!”

~ Emily, Mom to 6 month old Baby E.

“My twins were a handful for sleeping! Screaming at naps and bedtime, waking up multiple times a night, feeding multiple times a night. We were getting no sleep. After Melissa helped us our one boy has been sleeping through the night and the other only gets up once to feed! Not to mention they are asleep within minutes of putting them down! We feel much more rested these days! Thank you soo much!”

~ Marissa, Mom to 6 month old twins

“I can’t recommend Melissa enough. Bedtime was taking up almost our entire evening and no one was sleeping well. We followed the sleep plans developed for our toddler and infant and now everyone is sleeping great!”
~ Ashley, Mom to 14 month old, and 4 year old

“Melissa is amazing! We started our sleep training journey a few weeks ago & she has been the biggest help. Always there for a text when I was unsure of something and I’m so grateful. Our daughter is sleeping through the night, has consistent naps and her overall mood has improved. Thank you so much!”

~ Danielle, mom to 7 month old Baby F.

“I am so impressed with Melissa and what she has created. I have a toddler that just didn’t sleep, and from the moment I heard Melissa’s voice on the phone I felt so much better, and immediately trusted that she had the knowledge and steps to get my little one, and I, sleeping so much better. A big THANK YOU for giving me the greatest gift… SLEEP! I will be recommending her to anyone who is having trouble in this area of parenthood!”

~ Courtney, mom to 15 month old Baby C.

“We came to Lavender Littles seeking help for our very persistent waking one-year old. Our main goal was to get baby boy sleeping through the night. We consulted with Melissa, and she formulated a sleep plan specifically for Jamal’s needs. Within the first few nights our son was actually sleeping through the night. Jamal went from multiple night wakings to none at all. Sleep training has been such a life-changing experience for all of us, and we can’t thank Melissa enough for all her knowledge and support!”

~ Carly, mom to 12 month old Baby J.

“We just finished our sleep training for our 8 month old. Melissa was AMAZING! I cannot say enough about how great she was. She was very knowledgeable and professional. She had a set plan for us to follow and made it easy for us to communicate and log our progress. She was very genuine in helping our little one and us have better sleep and a much happier home life.

I 1000% recommend her! We are all sleeping and our little one is sleeping through the night and such a happy baby! Thank you Melissa!

~ Shayla, mom to 8 month old Baby L.

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