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Overtired Cues

Sleepy Vs. Overtired Cues

When sleepy cues appear, it often means that you have missed the sleep window, and a nap needs to happen NOW to avoid an overtired baby. This is why it’s so important to follow age-appropriate wake windows – whey you follow wake windows instead of sleepy cues, you are more likely to get baby to sleep before the overtiredness sets in.

Sleepy CuesOvertired Cues
7-Mile Stare 
Drooping Eyelids 
Red Eyebrows 
Rubs Eyes
Difficulty Settling Down 
Arching Back 
Pushes Away

What To Do When Notice Sleepy Cues

For younger babies especially, their wake window is so short that it really doesn’t take long for baby to go from showing sleepy cues to full blown overtired!

Ideally, you want to follow age appropriate wake windows so that you get your baby into their crib before sleepy cues start to show. If you do start to see some yawning or eye rubbing that means that baby needs a nap. Start your quick naptime routine and put baby down for their nap.

If you notice that you are seeing sleepy cues often before your naptime routine, you may need to consider whether you the wake window you are using is working for your baby.

Creating a sleep schedule or routine for babies can be confusing and complex. If you find yourself needing help, book an ask-me-anything call where I will help you through this process.

What To Do When You Notice Overtired Cues

It’s going to happen from time to time and that’s okay. Don’t panic and be understanding of the situation and that this is very hard for baby to overcome.

An overtired baby is one that is overstimulated. Singing, rocking, and bouncing all feel like natural things to do to settle babies but they are all too overstimulating for an overtired baby and can actually make things worse. Instead, when you see the overtired cues, bring baby into a dark room with the sound machine on and use very limited motion, This is the best practice for helping an overtired baby fall asleep.

Read more about how to prevent overtiredness here.

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